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What Is website audit ?
and why you need one.

If you have a website you should definitely know how that website works. a true free website audit is a more detailed and complete study of your website. A website audit is a study of page performance prior to large-scale search engine optimization. 

Website performance is crucial for a successful website. the audit time notes the fundamental issues of the website. your Websites are not user-friendly the visitors try to visit your competitor’s websites. Even minor issues with page load times can adversely affect your business and lower your rankings.


Why its important to audit
your website.

your website is the hub of your business or brand.it is very important to have regular checkups and ensure everything is good. the purpose of the free website audit is to identify as many critical issues affecting organic search performance as possible. we recommend that website be audited once per year.


The seo audit is Reveal the major issues.


Here is a brief snapshot of the
various steps
in the SEO audit process:

Build a site profile:

It seeks to learn more about the site to be audited based on its targeting, its current authority, its content strategy, its off-page optimization profile, number of backlinks, web hosting, etc.audit

Web Indexing audit:

Googlebot crawling your website is only half the battle. The next step is getting the content indexed. If your website has a lot of outdated multimedia elements like Flash, then it becomes difficult for the spider to index your content. In addition to this, the navigational aspect of your website needs to be analyzed as well.

webindex audit

On-page content audit:

This is a crucial step in trying to figure out if the website is actually suitable for targeting the right audience. This is the process of tagging and properly organizing images and other non-textual content.

on page content audit

On-page security audit:

Is the website susceptible to security attacks? Does the website make use of free themes that are known to inject spammy content through the backend? We teach you how to audit these aspects.


Off-page audit:

This is yet another critical chapter that deals with various things like analyzing your website’s backlink profile, social media profile, the local listing profile, etc. Of this backlink profile needs to not only look at potential dangers in terms of the websites that are linking to your content but also check if there are already penalties levied on your website due to this.

off page audit

Mobile audit:

This is the last chapter that deals with handling the mobile aspects of your website. Mobile optimization is  an important ranking signal on Google and the ability of a website to be usable on mobile platforms is critical. This chapter deals with this aspect.mobile audit