How to increase sales in your Business.

The success of your business will depend on how dedicated you are to the business and how much you learn about the business. Those who bring new innovation to the business and implement it properly always have the potential for success. One of the questions many ask themselves is what to do to increase sales quickly. There are four ways to increase sales in your business.

1. prospecting

2. Re-purchase rate.

3. up-selling

4. Reactivation.


You can increase sales when you find new customers and sell. Social media, digital marketing, and advertising seek to find new customers and sell them. Everyone is working hard to implement it.

Re-purchase rate.

The second method, the re-purchase rate, is to buy back with our existing customers. Sales can be increased by taking good care of existing customers and buying more products with them.


Up-selling is a system of buying multiple products with one client who came to pick up a product.


This is a repurchase of those who initially purchased a product or service from us.

If we try to implement these four principles consistently in our business, we can increase sales. We need to develop four strategies for bringing in new customers, repurchasing, selling, and reactivating.

There are 3 types of customers in a business.

Easy Customer

Easy customers are those who have cash on hand and are ready to buy anything from you. This type of customer is very easy to handle.

later Customers.

Later customers are people who are skeptical and do not make hasty decisions before buying your product.

Never Customers.
Never customers are people who are not willing to buy any kind of product from you and are trying to assimilate you.

Business is 20% Easy Customers, 60% Later Customers, 20% Never Customers. You do not have to worry about Easy Customers. They will definitely buy your product. Never Customer will not buy any product from you. Therefore, a salesman should always focus on 60% of the later customer.


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