Mobile Optimization

what is mobile Optimization ?

Mobile optimization ensures that visitors who access your website from a mobile device have an engaging, user-friendly experience that is optimized for a specific device. About 60% of Internet searches worldwide start from a mobile device. Therefore, every website should run smoothly on the mobile screen.

When customers browse your websites, the goal of mobile optimization is to keep them happy no matter what device they use. Mobile experience of your web store can increase your SEO ranking because today more site visits come from mobile devices. About 25% of companies use it as a great SEO strategy for mobile optimization.

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mastering mobile  SEO takes time and needs attention to detail and regular alteration. Google expanded the use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor. the change affected mobile searches in all the languages worldwide and had a significant impact on all search results. the good news is that they released their impending changes to the world so that everyone could prepare.

Currently, one in four people uses a mobile phone. there is a much higher rate in the developed countries. the penetration of mobile devices is on the rise and your site needs to be ready to take advantage of this new opportunity.

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to ensure that your visitors stay, your website must be fast lightweight, and ensure that the visitors convert you must quickly find what is important and purchase it with minimal tough points finding the correct balance is tricky, but it is very important for improving your website’s mobile SEO.

while today smartphones are capable of loading resource-intensive sites with lots of images and CSS and javascript. do not assume that your visitors will have a high-end device with a fast connection. the website speed and performance should be rigorously tested under a range of different connectivity conditions.

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