What Is the Dark Web? How Many Parts Are on Dark Web?

The Internet is a global platform for accessing billions of pieces of information. You can go directly to a website and access any information you need or use search engines like Google and Bing to find what you are looking for. The Dark Web is a part of the Internet that is constantly being hidden. Only pre-configured machines have access to this section of the Internet.

The Dark Web is another world of the Internet that can be accessed by anyone who uses specialized software, such as Tor. It is completely encrypted. Although the black web is part of the Internet, it is a hidden aspect of the Internet that few people know about. The web is designed to make it impossible for people to access the dark web through a browser.

The Dark Web is a form of the World Wide Web that is inaccessible through traditional web browsers. The Dark Web is basically part of the World Wide Web, encrypted and inaccessible to the public. All websites that are part of the Dark Web are accessed through a special browser called the “Tor” browser. It runs on any Internet browser, including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

What most people do not realize is that websites located on the Black Web are inaccessible through the World Wide Web and public browsers. In the case of the Black Web, accessing the Website without the use of special software is impossible, and the servers are entirely encrypted. This is called the dark web.

The Dark Web is not just a small part of the Internet, it accounts for 96% of all Internet traffic. However, not everyone knows this, and one reason is that they do not have access to it. Directly through the browser. All websites and black web content are encrypted on this network, making it impossible for people to navigate without the use of this software.

The World Wide Web has three parts:

1. Surface Web.

The Surface Web is part of the Internet that we use in our daily lives. This category includes all the websites that we access through search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The Surface Web accounts for only 4% of the whole Internet.

The same website has such web pages that are publicly accessible to all. These sites do not require any special software or settings and do not require any permissions. We can easily find it in browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

2.Deep Web.

The purpose of the Internet is to bring people together and provide information. When you think of the Internet, you may think of the World Wide Web and all the websites you use regularly.

Just as you can not read emails without logging in to your Gmail account, you can not view your friend’s profile page on Facebook without creating an account. But for that, you need an ID and password. This is the outer layer of the internet, which is invisible to the naked eye. All websites that log in with a unique ID and password are part of the Deep Web.

3.Dark Web.

All websites that are inaccessible to any standard search engine are part of the Dark Web. Search engines cannot see the IPs of websites because they are encrypted using encryption technology.

Tor Browser is a specialized type of browser used to access these hidden sites. These sites are only accessible to those who are aware of them. Highlights of Dark web include all forms of illicit trade, drug trafficking, pornography, arms sales, human trafficking, and the sale of the stolen credit card information.

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