how to set up a youtube channel?

Setting up a YouTube channel is not difficult. But the rapid expansion of the YouTube channel is a challenge as strong online competition persists.

Youtube is one of the most popular websites in the world and there are many opportunities to make money with it. Many people decide to start a YouTube channel and then wonder how to set up their channel properly,

You can quickly create a YouTube channel with your Google Account. Here are four easy steps to get your Youtube channel up and running.

Choose a channel name

Before you get started, you need to choose a name for your channel. Your channel name should be relevant, attractive and easy to remember. Think of it as your brand.

Add information to the info section

This not only gives your channel an identity but also makes it essential for the viewers. This is where you can state your goals and motivations and anything else that attracts followers. People want to know who they are listening to, so be sure to add a little more about the category along with links to relevant websites or portfolios.

Create a great profile picture

Use a clear, well-lit profile picture to make a good first impression. When people are looking for relevant topics, it is important to set up your channel so that people can easily find it. In addition to paying attention to things like description texts and keyword tags, make sure your profile picture is updated at least once every few months. This will ensure that you are as fresh and active as possible.

Choose a video thumbnail

When uploading your video, choose a thumbnail that grabs your attention. Make sure it is relevant and has good visibility so that your viewers can tell at a glance what is happening in your video.


How to grow a YouTube channel.

Use SEO in such a way that your content can be searched

To increase your channel audience, first identify keywords that are relevant to your content before creating your video. Then build your content around that particular word and add the keyword naturally to your entire video. Next, develop the title and description and make the introduction as fun and informative as possible.

Search engine optimization helps identify users, link to your content, and increase traffic to your YouTube channel using specific keywords used by YouTube algorithms.

Once your keywords are identified, review all other videos for that search term to make sure your keyword matches the purpose of the search engine and evaluate your competition.

branding and create awareness

Increase brand awareness, give viewers visual images and show them that your YouTube channel is committed to content.

Professional branding is an important part of the design of all platforms, including YouTube. Creating a brand makes your channel attractive and instantly visible to the audience. And, after all, it sets it apart from its rivals.

If you have a company logo, use it on your channel, but before uploading it, check the YouTube logo examples and make sure it is supported and up-to-date. Use secret label overlays when talking about a particular product in your video, which is a powerful tactic to keep viewers watching your video.

 Nail it with thumbnails

thumbnails are another important branding strategy to capture the interest of users while browsing YouTube and make your content more attractive to advertisers.

They work as small billboards, giving viewers a quick overview of your video and helping them decide if they want to click or watch it. Properly designed icons and captions make your channel appear faster and attract more fans to your YouTube channel.

Promote your YouTube videos on all your social media platforms

There is no more powerful marketing platform than the social media platform to advertise your content and product, and by sharing your videos online, you are expanding the reach of your YouTube channel to an almost infinite audience.

Sharing videos on social media is becoming an important way to grow a product as users love videos. It works on all your social media channels and posts your latest videos in a style that suits the platform you are advertising.

what is the copyright claim on youtube?

If the creator has uploaded a video that is not yours, he makes a copyright claim. The copyright holder has the right to remove the entire video from YouTube, which means it is banned everywhere and restricts the ability to generate extra revenue from ads.

The first strike

This may serve as a warning when you first receive a copyright claim. YouTube now believes you are losing the good quality of your account. In this case, YouTube is ready to give you another chance and steer you into joining the YouTube Copyright School. It helps you understand copyright and how it is used on YouTube. By the time you complete the course, the first copyright claim will expire in 90 days.

Copyright claims may affect your ability to make money. Additionally, if your live stream is removed due to copyright, your access to the live stream will be limited to 90 days.

The second strike

If your channels receive a second copyright claim before the first claim expires, you will have to wait another 90 days until the end of the second claim. In this case, you can not post content for two weeks. If there are no further worries, your shipping capacity will be refunded at the end of the two week period.

Third strike

If you receive a third copyright claim before the first two claims expire, YouTube will automatically terminate your account. All videos uploaded to your account will be deleted.

How to resolve a copyright claim

Today, you can share everything you need over the internet with anyone you choose. But it also has its own complexities. One of the biggest issues facing content creators on platforms like YouTube is copyright claims and how to deal with them if they happen to you. One of the biggest concerns of many YouTubers is copyright claims.

A copyright claim may be the end of your YouTube channel. But if you take the right steps, you can avoid some copyright claims.

Check out your video

Review your video and make sure it does not contain clips or snippets of copyrighted material. If there is any copyright infringing video, remove it. It could be an ad, news footage, music, etc. If you find any problem after watching your video again, please delete it immediately and upload a newer version that does not infringe copyright.

Remove any infringing content

If there is any infringing content that you can remove, do so. If you have videos that use your music, do not wait for a claim. You need to take action on your own. This not only protects your own copyright but also keeps you well on YouTube.

File an appeal

If your account is locked out, your next step is to file an appeal. You have 14 days from the time you receive the notification from Youtube to file your claim. After filing an appeal, keep silent until you hear a reply from Youtube.


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