What is the dark web? How Many Parts Are on Dark Web?

The Dark Web is an area of the Internet that search engines do not index. The dark web can only be accessed using special software called the Onion Browser. While most people think of the Internet, they think of Google and social media. But what if you do not want others to see your activities on the Internet? What if you want to access the content you can not find anywhere else? If so, you can use the Dark Web. But if not used carefully your system may be hacked.

The Dark Web is not just a small part of the Internet, it accounts for 96% of all Internet traffic. However, not everyone knows this, and one reason is that they do not have access to it. Directly through the browser. All websites and black web content are encrypted on this network, making it impossible for people to navigate without the use of this software.

The World Wide Web has three parts:

1. Surface Web.

The Surface Web is part of the Internet that we use in our daily lives. This category includes all the websites that we access through search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The Surface Web accounts for only 4% of the whole Internet.

The same website has such web pages that are publicly accessible to all. These sites do not require any special software or settings and do not require any permissions. We can easily find it in browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

2.Deep Web.

The purpose of the Internet is to bring people together and provide information. When you think of the Internet, you may think of the World Wide Web and all the websites you use regularly.

Just as you can not read emails without logging in to your Gmail account, you can not view your friend’s profile page on Facebook without creating an account. But for that, you need an ID and password. This is the outer layer of the internet, which is invisible to the naked eye. All websites that log in with a unique ID and password are part of the Deep Web.

3.Dark Web.

All websites that are inaccessible to any standard search engine are part of the Dark Web. Search engines cannot see the IPs of websites because they are encrypted using encryption technology.

Tor Browser is a specialized type of browser used to access these hidden sites. These sites are only accessible to those who are aware of them. Highlights of Dark web include all forms of illicit trade, drug trafficking, pornography, arms sales, human trafficking, and the sale of the stolen credit card information.


How to access the dark web?

Although the dark web has many uses, it is mainly used by criminals and hackers who want to remain anonymous online. The deep web refers to all web pages on the World Wide Web that are not indexed by any major search engine such as Google or Bing. These pages are not technically part of the World Wide Web because they can not be accessed through standard browsers such as Firefox or google chrome, but they still contain valuable information.

An onion browser’s distinctive feature is that it allows users to surf the web anonymously without needing to track third parties. This means that the IP addresses will change each time you search. Therefore it will be very difficult to track the search activity.

Tor Browser can be used as a research tool for in-depth web search, in addition to being a very anonymous way to browse your favorite sites. Tor browsers that run on multiple servers can hide your identity from anyone trying to monitor you, in short, it provides an extra layer of anonymity that helps protect you from surveillance and hacking.

Always use a virtual private network when using Tor! Not only does this add an extra layer of security to all your Internet traffic, but it also lets you bypass any restrictions set on sites and pages in Tor’s hidden service directories.

How to use Tor with a VPN.

While Tor can help you make your identity anonymous, it does not make your traffic anonymous. Instead, Tor protects you by making it impossible for ISPs and the sites you visit to track your location. However, with a VPN, the same organizations can see your real IP address. Because of this, they can see who or where you are – but they can not link your browsing to any other activity on their network. A VPN protects your Internet traffic from being monitored by third parties, such as hackers, Internet service providers (ISPs), and governments.

Most VPN services have multiple server locations around the world. It allows users to bypass any censorship blocks placed on websites and content that is restricted to certain countries. By connecting through a server located in another country, you can ensure that your connection is encrypted even if local laws prohibit access to specific websites.

Users receive an added degree of anonymity by connecting to Tor using a VPN, making it even more difficult for attackers or law enforcement agencies to obtain information about them without first gaining access to their personal data or device information.

dark Web Markets.

Most of the deep web sites operate on specialized networks designed for anonymity called Tor Hidden Services. Users use technologies such as encryption and tunneling protocols to conceal their identities. The Dark Web refers to a subset of websites that exist on private networks.

These sites are commonly used for illegal activities such as drug trafficking or arms trafficking. However, not all sites on Tor’s hidden services engage in criminal activity. Governments and corporations may not be able to track traffic from certain IP addresses or prevent the delivery of content to specific countries around the world, as some offer privacy protections.

Some examples of deep net markets operating on Tor Hidden services include Agora, Evolution Marketplace, and Black Market Reloaded. Many others have been shut down in recent years after law enforcement infiltrated or hacked by cybercriminals.

So don’t think that buying online will be legal when it comes to your doorstep! Currently, only 13 states legalize marijuana for recreational use, while 30+ states allow medical marijuana use in one form or another.

Hacker forums.

The largest communities of hackers are organized on many popular websites and forums, including hack forums. These forums allow hackers from all walks of life to interact with each other. Whether you are a white hat hacker or a criminal black hat trying to break into enterprise security, you are likely to find yourself interacting with these users at some point in your career. Understanding how they communicate and work can help you detect malicious activity faster.


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