what is Internet.

the word internet is the short form of an international network. its electronically connects computers of different parts of the world as a means of communication.

it was only during the 90’s  become so popular .but in the contemporary world, 35% of the total population use the world wide web. this clearly signifies the importance of this new means of communication.

today internet plays a significant role in the day-to-day affairs of society. even the people who live in the rural area of India use the web for the exchange of information. now the web influences the culture and lifestyle of the is evidently shown that no other means of communication network system has become so significant as the internet.

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the internet is a network of millions of computers across the world that all work together to share is generally felt that the web is a source of all types of information. but very often people find difficulty in getting the necessary information from the internet. one of the main reasons for this difficulty is the lack of understanding of how the data is stored on the web.

we can get information from the net through websites. for this, we should know the address of the website. search engines help to search for information when the website address is not known. they keep a directory of the website. presently on the internet, there is no provision to get details of all available websites. thousands of websites are added daily to the web. this makes search engines an internet tool to access information from the world wide web.

though the purpose of search engines are the same, each search engine collects and store the information in different ways. search engine do not store the information .but they keep the details of the website containing the information and act as a link to the required website.seo expert in kerala

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