Website .

what is website ?

Whether you are a freelancer or a business owner, knowing your own website and how sites work is essential in today’s modern age. Any company, government, organization, or individual can create a site on the Internet.

A site is not only a home for the consumer on the Internet but also a good tool that can be used for engagement and sales. Presents a website on the World Wide Web in the form of HTML / CSS, Java / Java-script, Python, PHP, etc.

Today, the Internet is made up of billions of sites created by billions of different people. The number of web-sites published per day is enormous. It’s hard to say how many sites there are in total. Therefore, it is impossible to make a list of all web-sites. On most sites, you read the information contained on each website.


How to start your own
website .

planning of your website – identify what you have in your hand to give to the world and start a site with precise planning.

decide your domain name – Try to find a small domain name that suits your business. Then share the selected domain name on social media.

choose a web host – A server is a place on the Internet that stores the data of any site. You can choose your web hosting server according to your budget.

build your page – A good websites isn’t just a static homepage, you need to create multiple pages that suit different aspects of your business.

text and publish – Before your site is active on the Internet, make sure it works well in all major browsers. Ensure that sites load at maximum speed and work best on mobile devices.

Every moment that the site loads is delayed, many customers are lost. If a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, about 55% of visitors will leave your website.